CALM Ministries

Caring Active Listening Ministry (CALM)

Showing God’s love to those in need.


CALM is a program of our church which provides care, attention, and spiritual support to persons whose lives are in turmoil; such as anyone suffering grief, the loss of a job, divorce, aging, or other difficulties.  

CALM is a caring ministry, showing God’s love to those in need who would like someone to talk with who will listen to them and be there for them during a time of need.  

CALM ministers are throughly trained in how to actively listen and show care.  CALM ministers do not offer professional counseling or advice, they are simply there to listen and encourage with God’s love.

Questions and Answers for care-receivers

Whom should I ask to receive care from CALM?

Please contact Pastor or one of CALM Leaders if you are interested.  

Will everyone know that I have a CALM minister?

No, your visits are confidential.   Only you would be able to share that information.

How Long will I receive care?

There is no set time and the caring relationship can be stopped at any time.

Is there any cost?

CALM Ministers is a volunteer based ministry and there is no cost for this care and support.

For more information please call or write: 520-296-5129 

CALM Ministry Brochure